Questions & Answers About Teaching

What college program will lead to a degree in teaching?

Most colleges offer programs in early childhood certification which enables you to teach in Kindergarten through 4th grade, middle school certification which includes grades 5 through 8, and high school certification in specific subjects in grades 9 through 12.

What grade point average must I maintain?

Pennsylvania requires you to maintain a 3.0 grade point average throughout your college career.

What tests are required for teaching?

Most colleges require the SAT when you apply for admission. Many states also require you to take 2 different PRAXIS exams prior to graduation.

How long will it take to get a degree?

It usually takes 4 years to obtain a Bachelors degree in Education.

What kinds of background clearance do I need before I become a teacher?

  • Act 34 Criminal Record Check Clearance
  • Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance
  • FBI Criminal History (Fingerprint)

What percent of the American teachers are African American males?

Less than 2% of the teachers are African American males.

What kind of financial rewards do teachers receive?

Starting salaries average between $32,000.00 and $43,000.00 dollars. If you teach for 10 years in Pennsylvania, your annual salary might range between $74,000.00 to $99,000.00 dollars for a nine month contract.

What difference can an African American male teacher have in the classroom?

You can have a powerful impact on a student’s education.

Is teaching a career for me?

Become a tutor for a younger child who needs help with math, reading, or science. This is the kind  of experience that will help you to know if teaching is something that you will enjoy. Perhaps you can become a camp counselor during the summer where you can work with kids and get paid for the experience.

Why should I become a teacher?

Elementary, Middle, and High School students benefit when they have teachers from diverse racial backgrounds.  More importantly, regardless of race, teachers need to know their subject and be passionate about helping students learn.